Star Trek #1 Variant C - 10/26/2022

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(W) Collin Kelly; Jackson Lanzing (A) Ramon Rosanas (C) Lee Loughridge

Its stardate 2378, and Benjamin Sisko has finally returned from the Bajoran Wormhole omnipotent"”but his godhood is failing with every minute. Sent by the Prophets on a mission to the deepest parts of space aboard the U.S.S. Theseus, he witnesses the unthinkable"¦"¦Someone is killing the gods. And only Sisko and his motley crew of Starfleet members from every era of Trek can stop them.From Star Trek: Year Five duo Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (Batman Beyond, Captain America) with artist Ramon Rosanas (Star Wars) comes IDWs brand-new, flagship Star Trek ongoing series that goes where no comic has gone before!

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