The Savior's Book Cafe Story in Another World (Manga) Vol. 2 - In Store 4/12/2022

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Author: Kyouka Izumi, Oumiya
Illustrated by: Reiko Sakurada
Since being transported to a new world Tsukina has made a cozy life for herself, doing magic and running a book café. She’s even grown closer to Il, a handsome soldier who also loves reading. But Tsukina is keeping a huge secret from him: she is a Savior, sent to this world to help protect it. By hiding away in her book café, is she neglecting her duties? And will Il hate her for it when he finds out?

FOC: 3/14/2022 - In Store: 4/12/2022

*All Release dates and artwork are subject to change by the publishers.*

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